How Does Kroger Fuel Points Program Work?

Kroger Fuel Points Program allows customers to save on fuel by shopping at Kroger. To use Kroger Fuel Points, customers need to have their Shopper's Card with them. Furthermore, to redeem the discount using the Kroger Fuel Points, customers need to visit any fuel station associated with Kroger or Shell Gas Stations. To help you understand the Kroger Fuel Points Program, we have listed all the necessary information below.


More so, you will also read about the ways by which you can earn Kroger Fuel Points. Also, we will discuss the method to redeem your fuel points as well as check Kroger Fuel Points Balance. So if you are interested in knowing about My Kroger Fuel Points, then make sure to read all the information given below.

What is Kroger Fuel Points Program?

Kroger Fuel Points Program helps the customers to earn some points that are then transferred to their Shopper's Card. The customers can then use those points to save on fuel at any Kroger Gas Station or any other Gas Station affiliated with Kroger. Furthermore, the fuel points are not limited to in-store purchases. You can also earn Kroger Fuel Points by shopping online, by Kroger Grocery Pickup, or by Kroger Delivery. So if you are interested in learning about Kroger Fuel Points, then read the information given below.

How Does Kroger Fuel Points Program Work?

To help you understand the Kroger Fuel Points, we have compiled a table below. Make sure to read the information given in the table to have a better understanding.

$1 = 1 PointOn all the groceries except alcohol and tobacco
$1= 2 PointsOn all the qualifying gift cards
50 PointsOn non-federally funded prescriptions
50 PointsBy completing the KrogerFeedback Survey

But there are other cases in which you can earn more fuel pints. For example, by completing the KrogerFeedback Survey, the customers are instantly given 50 Fuel Points. Other than that, as a reward for completing the survey, the customers are also given a chance to win 4x Fuel Points or 2x Fuel Points as well.

How to Redeem My Kroger Fuel Points?

After you have earned Kroger Fuel Points, they will be transferred to your Kroger Shopper's Card. To use or redeem Kroger Fuel Points, you need to visit any Gas Station associated with Kroger or any Shell Gas Station. Then comes the discount you will get by using Kroger Fuel Points. That of course depends on the number of fuel points you redeem. But to help you understand more easily, we have compiled a table below. Make sure to read all the details.

100 Fuel Points10 cents off per gallon
200 Fuel Points20 cents off per gallon
300 Fuel Points30 cents off per gallon

How to Check Kroger Fuel Points Balance?

To check your Kroger Fuel Points Balance, you will be able to use the following two ways.
  1. Download the free Kroger Digital App for iOS or Android (Login and then check)
  2. Or you can check the bottom of your purchase receipt (After purchasing something)

How Do Kroger Fuel Points Expire?

When it comes to Kroger Fuel Points, they expire. Now to know about the date on which one month's Kroger Fuel Points expire, we have compiled a table below. You can read the information to have a better understanding of the process by which Kroger Fuel Points Expire.


Expiration Date

January2/28 or 2/29

My Kroger Fuel Points: Contact Information

If you have any issues or questions related to Kroger Fuel Points Program, you can use the contact details given below to get in touch with Kroger Associates and get further assistance.
  • Kroger Fuel Points Phone Number: 1-800-576-4377

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That is all with the Kroger Fuel Points Program. If you still have any questions related to My Kroger Fuel Points, then make sure to enter them in the comment section of the website below. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can with the answers to your questions.

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